• Born in Snake Park, South Africa

    Born in Snake Park, South Africa

    One of Johannesburg’s mine dumps blows toxic and radioactive dust across the impoverished settlement of SnakePark. The air is thick with yellow dust that contains high levels of uranium and a cocktail of heavy metals like lead,mercury, arsenic, cadmium and chrome. This apartheid legacy of South African gold mining plays out in birthdefects such as…

  • God was Angry, Ethiopia

    God was Angry, Ethiopia

    Ethiopia has a population of over 100 million but only 164 schools for students with hearing, visual andintellectual impairments. Girls with disabilities also face systematic and violent abuse at home and in theircommunities: they are feared for being under the spell of witchcraft. One in three girls living with a disabilityhas been sexually assaulted. Ethiopia,…

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